Friday, July 22, 2011

Dusting off the mast-cam

Yesterday a nice SW breeze brought some relief to parts of the scorching island. A few locals savored the perfect summer conditions at West Meadow beach. As usual I joined later in the day when the wind picked up a few notches and 5.5 was probably the right size. It's easy to underestimate the wind speed at WM when it's blowing from the SW. The wind gets much stronger far from the shore. I dusted off the mast cam for the occasion and the raw video below mercilessly shows my less-than-perfect jibes, failed duck jibes and various other splashes....

Untitled from tonywind on Vimeo.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Miracle on a Sunday afternoon

It's a beautiful summer Sunday, not too hot. I'm working at home on a deck and the forecast said there won't be much wind. Nor there are such things as thermal winds at West Meadow. I think to myself "It's better this way 'cause at least I can avoid frustrations and focus on finishing this damn job". But in the early afternoon the trees start moving. As usually, I think "it's all in my head" but the breeze seems persistent. The Northport yacht club's meter confirms I'm not hallucinating after all (the meter is actually screaming by the summer standards)! No brainer! 15 mins later I'm at West Meadow. Still on big stuff but happily zipping through the water. But the "big sail complex" remains (I seem to sail bigger than anyone else). So I tried a few times to duck jibe the 7.5(*). I grabbed the other side of the boom but never close the jibe. Give me a few more of these "miracle Sundays" (and a new GoPro) and I'll prove I can do it...

(*) Old chinese proverb: "It's not to big if you can duck under it"

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is the summer going to suck?

I have been planing only 4 times since end of May. Mostly big sail sizes. Last time was on Monday afternoon at West Meadow on a 111L/7.0 combo. Good time. I'm sure there is a little more wind on the South shore but I rather spend less time in the car (what's your carbon footprint?) and more in the water. It seems to me we have had no strong SWesterly associated with cold fronts so far....
Anyhow I've bought a paddle and I plan on doing some flat water SUP on the 135L board. Sounds crazy I know, we'll see how that goes.