Friday, June 18, 2010

Supersession at Shirley Beach

Yesterday sunny skies and sustained WNW winds brought to Shirley Beach the largest group of windsurfers I have ever seen there. On top of the local sailors there where some more from the Patchogue-Bellport area who were dragged to Shirley by the wind direction. Even the King of the East, the mighty Mike Burns, was there spinning around. It's equally possible that there is a crowd constantly following Mike, who knows?

The wind was really "holey" and dropped later in the day but I still had fun on the 92L/5.5m2 combo. Perfectly powered at times, slogging at others. The setting was great though and it was nice to see the beach packed with gear (see pics).

(beach packed with gear)

(a windsurfer's dream: sandy beach on a warm, sunny and windy day)

(Da twist)


PeconicPuffin said...

Sounds like a vacation session with the sunny sandy beach...nice!

TonyWind said...

Yes, indeed, if the water was a little clearer one could pretend the spot to be Bonaire...;)