Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gorgeous Sunday

As many others I have not missed the wind call last Sunday. Summertime at its best. We should get more of these cold fronts. Even on the North Shore the wind was 5.0-5.5 grade by the late afternoon. I rigged a 6.2 at first but that tired me out quikly. Rigged down to 5.8 and had a blast. I didn't mind being a bit overpowered as the are always gusts and holes at west meadow under these conditions. The chop was also disorganized or with a short period (about a board length) and therefore hard on one's knees. Not easy to get good speed and decent port tack jumps. But no complains after all also considered the nice little crowd of North Shore windsurfers and kiters too. Looking for more of this, hopefully later this week.

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