Saturday, September 5, 2009

Board repaired but no wind

Quite disappointing week for sailing on LI. We've got the perfect weather for any outdoor activity (running, biking, touring) but not windsurfing. Actually, last Monday seemed "sailable" but not if you have a FTJ (that's not a f**king terrible job but a full time job).
So when it's windless and you have a bit of free time you fix up the disasters caused by your bad sailing. Like this one:

The leftover of a dull catapult on the nose of the carve 111.

And here is the easy fix: epoxy filled, sanded, a touch of paint to try matching the color of the board

No, I'm not a student of the Board Lady, it's just the magic of photography that makes it looks pretty good (now you understand why Hollywood stars look the way they look).

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