Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nice NE flow!

We've got some wind this weekend! It seems that expressing discontent about the sucking, windless weather of the week has helped (whereas nothing happens when the Peconic Puffin prays, calls for hurricanes, or even embraces the Buddhist faith for the sake of wind...). I should do that more ofter.

In any case this morning the meters were showing a decent NE wind but quite gusty (up to 25 mph). I decided to head to Cedar Beach, near Mount Sinai harbor, since my first choice, West Meadow beach, was not good with a NE breeze.

When I arrived there a 6.5 seemed the best option but since I don't own this size, I rigged a 6.3 instead hoping that the wind would strengthen a bit. But unfortunately the wind was too "patchy". Later it picked up a bit more and I was really going! I haven't been sailing Cedar Beach in a long time but today I really appreciated how nice of a spot it is. The beach is quite long, there are no weeds (like at Heckscher and anywhere else in the South Bay) and the wind swell is quite big. In some spots there where almost head-high waves! As a matter of fact the LI Sound really goes off in the winter when it blows 40+ knots from the North.
I was quite disappointed to see no other windsurfer there (Mike Burns, where were you?) until about 1:30 pm when I called it a day. Only me and a kiter.

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