Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two interesting interviews

I'm back from vacation to find a substantially windless LI. From what I have read on the other blogs I have missed some good action! Too bad but I had a good vacation anyhow. While I wait for wind, I thought to share two interesting interviews I recently came across. One is with Mr. Neil Pryde who tells about past and future of windsurfing and his company. Perhaps not everybody knows that Neil Pryde is a real individual. Here, he gives some some interesting insights, for example I did not know he was the owner of the snowboarding bindings brand FLOW (incidentally my favorite brand) and that NP is planning to make.....BIKES????
The other interview is from John Carter, the official PWA photographer, on how he got involved in the business. It's less romantic than what I thought!! Also, I must love his radio-controlled shutter!

The interview with JC can be found in the Starboard corner

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